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Spencer Dobson Bio

Spencer Dobson is a midwestern comic. Spencer captivates audiences with tales of life, current events, love, technology and family. His take on life is a little dark, pretty clever and very funny.  

Spencer has appeared at the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, The Derby City Comedy Festival and The HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. Spencer is currently appearing at Comedy Clubs, One Nighters and Private Functions.

Spencer Dobson's History

Spencer's Comedy career started in at Stevie Ray's Comedy Cabaret open mic on Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis, MN. Shortly after that first set Spencer started grinding it out at periodic one nighters on the proverbial 'road'.

Spencer then worked his way up the ranks at the Legendary Minneapolis Comedy Meca, The Acme Comedy Company. This allowed Spencer to begin working clubs around the country. In 2000 Spencer was invited to the HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen,Colorado to perform in the New Faces Showcase. The 2000 HBO Comedy Arts Festival included such mind blowing comedy events as Smothers Brothers Reunion that included Steve Martin. Yeah, that Steve Martin. The Cast of the Simpsons read a classic episode of the show live. The line up also included countless future stars.  

Spencer's Aspen experience got him a job working on a cable show in Los Angeles. ​

In L.A. Spencer did  stand up at a number of Premier Clubs and learned not to drink himself to death. A worth while survival skill.

In 2007 family matter brought Spencer back to the mid-west where he did home care for his mother who succumbed to breast cancer in 2010. Spencer also kept an eye on his 93 year old Grandmother because sometime people need help opening Jars. 

Spencer Currently lives with his wife in Aberdeen, S.D. where he works Comedy Clubs and Corporate Functions.