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Somewhere in On of the Dakotas

Somewhere in one of the Dakotas was recorded in December of 2019 at the Front Street Tap Room in Fargo, North Dakota. 

This Show recorded before the pandemic. It was not intended to be released, but then the pandemic happened and who know's what's going to happen moving forward. 

Having said that, I'm very happy with this material and very proud of this album.  

This show was a 3 headliner bill with the hilarious Courtney Baka and Cooper Van Grol. 

John Kennedy introduces the Show. John Nerum hosted the other show, but there was no need for two intros. Sorry Nerum. 

This is 2 shows on 2 nights in front of 2 hot crowds in a very hot room. 

This is Spencer's 3rd independently released album. 

Special Thanks to Lindsey Lee  and Zach Tooker and the Staff at Front Street in Fargo. They put on Great Shows, please support them.  

Thanks to Johnny Eggerman, Lamar Marshal and Casey Kustack for your feedback and input. 

Thanks to Tammy Katuin and CJ Holmes for sitting in the front row. 

Thanks to Brent and Brenda Jo Gillund for showing up to literally every thing I do in Fargo and being supportive and great.

Thank you to all the bookers, openers, bar owners, audience members, wait staff and party planners that made it possible for me to hone this material.   

Thanks to Gratia for being the love of my life and sharing these crazy days with me. I love you.

Ok, I Hope you like the album.